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Emerald Dreams: Exploring South Luangwa's Lush Paradise

Rain, lush vegetation and blocked roads is what pops up in the mind usually when thinking of South Luangwa during the rainy season – right? But the emerald season also delivers amazing skies stretched with colorful clouds, less cars and authentic encountering with wildlife! I can also promise a fun adventure getting stuck with the car in the mud once in a while. Maybe even when you stand a few meters from a leopard or giant elephant! So, is a visit South Luangwa during the emerald season worth it? Indeed! You will also save some cash, as most lodges offer low season rates. It’s a win-win in many ways!

South Luangwa do offer high-class safari experience, whether you are single, a couple, a family you will get an experience of a lifetime!

During the emerald season you won’t get hassled by the tsetse flies, sweat till you drop when waiting for a leopard to come out from the bush. The air is fresh, the scenery is absolutely breathtakingly green and lush, and the skies offer you stunning backdrops for photography.

During our visit we stayed in two lodges that gave us superb safari experience! The first one Chikunto Safari Lodge provided an authentic experience as it is located in the national park, midst wildlife and along the Luangwa River with tranquil and beautiful surroundings! You'll see wildlife as you step out from your tent, eat dinner or swim in the pool. The staff were so child friendly and my 8 year old son had biology lessons for 6 hours live during our whole day drive! The questions never stopped and the amazing guide kept on giving him answers with a great smile.

The second place Nkwali camp with Robin Pope Safaris also gave us memories for life!

As we entered the camp we were greeted by a giant elephant at the poolside drinking water! Sitting there and watching it reminded me about the currency of my life; to collect memories not things!

That and beyond more is what Nkwali camp gives! Located by the river it provides a tranquil experience as well a good spot to see wildlife without even moving out from the bed or the pool!

Both places offered superb food for us who are vegan, every meal was taken at a new spot at the beautiful locations within the lodges or in the bush. They also made traveling with kids so easy and fun!

There is something special in encountering wildlife when it rains. The experience provides all your senses, even the smell, a complete sensation of creation! Visiting South Luangwa is amazing during any season, and every safari lover must try it at least once in the rainy season!

Words and Images by Izla Bethdavid

Instagram: @izlaphotography

Facebook: Izla Bethdavid

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15 de jun. de 2023

It's so pretty, this is the kind of place that cleanses the mind.

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