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Our story starts with Africa. And plants, and trees. Along the way it involves two 30-somethings (one who had always wanted to make soap and candles and the other with a passion for African culture and tradition), a fascination for the benefits of natural oils, a fabulous team, and a lot of laughter. 

It was obvious to us from the very beginning what our values were for the backbone of Azimai – we made a promise to ourselves, and to our customers: “All Azimai products are to be made with ethically-sourced, natural and indigenous ingredients, all of which are harmless to the environment. No palm oil. No parabens. No animal testing. No paraffin wax. We make everything by hand and we make everything with care.” 


Azimai in our local language, Chinyanja, is a respectful term for women. In our little corner of the world we have seen women with extraordinary strength and bravery, they are the ones who inspired us to be brave enough to start Azimai and their natural Zambian warmth and hospitality have been a big part of the reason we’ve chosen to make our home here. 


The goal of Azimai is to share all that African botanicals and essential oils have to offer by bringing the spirit of this ancient continent into your home, and at the same time benefiting your health, your well-being and your happiness. Azimai celebrates Africa’s rich heritage of medicinal plants and trees, and we pride ourselves on our unique combinations of oils from the pods of the rejuvenating baobab and the nourishing marula fruit; to the purifying moringa seeds and the protective mongongo nuts; to the spicy bark of the cinnamon tree; to the intoxicating aromas of jasmine and lemongrass. There are so many beautifully scented oils to work with – the world of African botanicals is boundless. 

It’s been important to us to share what we have discovered and learnt on our Azimai journey, and we’ve been lucky enough to find remarkable members of our extraordinary Mfuwe community to do that with. Together we’ve created a little family in the beautiful Luangwa valley; sharing ideas and skills, always developing and improving, and laughing along the way. The company wouldn’t be where it is today without this comradery, and the workshop definitely wouldn’t be filled with so much joyful singing either!  

If you’re passing through South Luangwa, you’ll be able to smell the scents of these mesmerising oils yourself, learn all about them and take some home with you too. 

To learn more about Azimai, how to visit and or support them, please go to:


Lusaka Collective  


Hello friends...


Travel with us as we take you on an adventure through Zambian lands rich in community and vibrancy. 


Weaving our way between worlds, Lusaka Collective was born. A journey that began through friendship, joint travels and hours of midnight conversations. It was our dream to collaboratively support, develop and promote the best of Zambian design while bringing together the stories of her makers from all walks of life. 


We are inspired to be working alongside some of the most talented creatives, sharing their journeys, growing together and at the same time providing a platform for growth and opportunity amidst the uncertainty of today’s world. 


Lusaka Collective is a hidden treasure trove located behind the bustling street food market in Longacres – embracing authenticity, everyday life in Lusaka, a soul of the city experience. 


A positive and creative space focused on uniting and supporting the makers of Zambia with emphasis on ‘Making life by hand’.  


A collective dedicated to developing and promoting the best of Zambian design. It is with great pride that we hold the space in the marketplace to bring the stories and products of our artisans to you under one collaborative roof. 


Finish your journey with Discover Zambia and find your souvenir at Lusaka Collective. 

“Making life by hand”. 


To learn more about Lusaka Collective, how to visit and or support them, please go to:

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Lusaka collective

Mulberry Mongoose  


A team of 8 courageous Zambians who reflect the grace and ruggedness of the unique South Luangwa valley in each piece of jewellery we hand craft. Our workshop is located on a well-worn elephant path in the South Luangwa; we take local materials from coins to seeds to handcraft extraordinary accessories. 


With every piece of jewellery sold we donate back to help fund anti snare patrols and have contributed over $126,000 to conservation. We have won attention from celebrities and leading publications including National Geographic, British Vogue and Marie Claire because we use snare wire, collected in by anti-snare patrols, in our jewellery. To transform brutal snare wire into beautiful jewellery requires innovation, strength and tenacity.  


Our name captures our business purpose. The mongoose is a wonderful animal found in the bush. They survive by being a community, one mongoose keeps watch while the others feed for example. Similarly, Mulberry Mongoose grows as a business by caring for our environment. Mulberry is a British colour and represents how we strive to be as professional and fashionable as any Western business despite the challenges of being in the African bush.

To learn more about Mulberry Mongoose, how to visit and or support them, please go to:

Mulberry Mongoose

Tribal Textiles

Tribal Textiles is a social enterprise with a mission to forge a sustainable impact through creativity and craftsmanship. Based in South Luangwa, a remote region of Zambia, we employ local artisans to create ethically handcrafted home décor pieces.  

Our hand painted textiles draw inspiration from Africa’s vibrant heritage, blending traditional techniques with contemporary composition and colours.  


From sourcing to production, each piece is thoughtfully designed and made by hand with respect for the environment. We strive to minimise our environmental impact by using sustainable locally sourced materials and repurposing waste.  


As a responsible business, we contribute to holistic economic development by going beyond fair wages and providing artisans with the support and resources they need to thrive. Community is at the core of everything we do, which is why we reinvest 5% of each purchase in local community and conservation initiatives. 


To learn more about Tribal Textiles, how to visit and or support them, please go to:

Tribal Textiles - Tribal Cloth
Triabl Textiles

Wayawaya Bags 


WAYAWAYA empower Zambian women without formal education and with few job options. Most women live in poverty and being unemployed is a luxury they cannot afford. However, Zambian women are unquestionably resourceful, talented, strong-willed and hard-working. To invest in women is to invest in their children, their fellow sisters, their neighbors and their communities. By women for women is a concept inspired by the fellowship between Zambian mothers and sisters. Together, we carry out vocational training, artisan programs and form viable employment.


To learn more about Wayawaya Bags how to visit and or support them, please go to:

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