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Mwamba Camp

Mwamba, Shenton Safaris’ exclusive bush camp, means "heaven" in the local Nyanja language, and from the moment you set foot in this camp, you’ll see why.
Mwamba Bush Camp is in a wonderfully remote and peaceful location the banks of the Mwamba River in South Luangwa National Park. Like with big sister, Kaingo Camp, the Mwamba area has a rich diversity of stunning wildlife. Various animals use the nearby river bed as a corridor through South Luangwa, including lions, leopards, impala, giraffes, and other exciting game. Mwamba is set up for some incredible walking safaris, with an abundance of wildlife around every turn, in an area of the park that's completely untouched by other camps. If you prefer a game drive, the open vehicles that have been carefully modified to suit the needs of photographers. ---- Enjoy uninterrupted views across the horizon as you scan for zebra, buffalo, and even one of the last herds of Cookson’s wildebeest in the area. Some guests choose to venture further afield on a full-day excursion.

A half-day drive from Mwamba Bushcamp is a stunning open plain where you will find hundreds of 200–300-year-old baobab trees. Here, you'll also have a good chance of seeing some of the more elusive antelope such as eland, roan and hartebeest. Exclusive to Mwamba’s guests, the Last Waterhole Hide, is just a short walk from the main area of the camp. This hide is located directly on an active waterhole that gets you close up to resident hippos, elephants, a myriad of bird species and other game that stops by for a drink. Like Kaingo, Mwamba guests have access to the Carmine Bee-eater Hide. This hide is put in place once the Southern carmine bee-eaters have established their nesting site in the nearby area of the South Luangwa — and provides fantastic photo opportunities of this spectacular bird. You can also take advantage of the Wild Dog Lagoon Hide. The lagoon brings in the northern plains game: elephants, Cookson’s wildebeest, eland, buffalo and much more all past through this area to drink. Waterbirds are in the majority in this lagoon, from the African Jacana to the Sacred Ibis.

Set on the banks of the Mwamba River, the camp has four chalets uniquely designed with soaring skylights allowing you to experience sleeping under the stars. The roomy chalets have large en-suite bathrooms with solar lighting, flush toilets and hot outdoor bucket-filled showers. At Mwamba, you have the chance to spend the night in their Numbu Star Bed, set in a wide-open savannah plain. One of the truest wilderness experiences in South Luangwa, you'll camp out for the night under the stars, with your sleeping bag set under a mosquito net beside the fire. Meals at Mwamba are complemented by the fresh produce grown and raised in the Shentons’ Mfuwe garden. Dinner is usually served in the main area, at a large wooden dining table, whilst lunch and breakfast are generally taken under a thatched gazebo overlooking the Mwamba River.

South Luangwa National Park

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