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Mutinondo Wilderness

Nestled among a cluster of spectacular inselbergs, and furnished with 70 kilometres of walking tracks and trails and amazing biodiversity, Mutinondo Wilderness is a hidden gem in the Muchinga Province of northern Zambia. Near the edge of the Luangwa escarpment, this pristine area protects verdant woodlands and wetland areas sprinkled with large granite hills, crystal-clear rivers and stunning waterfalls. Mutinondo's flora is stunning, including many orchids, natural cycads and, during the emerald season, some of the world's largest mushrooms. Listed as an Important Birding Area with 362 birds in the area, Mutinondo is renowned for sightings of several special species, such as the Chestnut-headed Flufftail.

Large mammal density is low, so walking unguided is safe, but there's a good chance of seeing bushbuck, monitor lizard, chequered/giant elephant shrew, roan & sable antelope, hartebeest, reedbuck, sitatunga, warthog and bushpig. Mountain biking is a popular activity here. Take short day-rides or longer distance cycles into the heart of the wilderness with 60 km of tracks and trails, or venture further afield for several days into the Luangwa escarpment. The Mutinondo Wilderness offers beautiful, crystal-clear rivers that are safe to swim in... a rare treat in Africa. Why not spend a day exploring? Swim in the pools below their waterfalls, or take a canoe upstream and float down among the water lilies.

Mutinondo Wilderness' main camp has 8 comfortable campsites and a full catering lodge with four chalets. Each chalet is named after the specific local timber used in it for making the beams, fittings and furniture. Chalets have private bathrooms, balconies and tea and coffee facilities. The campsites have their own barbecue area and picnic benches with access to wood-boiler heated showers, dish-washing areas, toilets and basins. This lodge also has free WiFi in the reception area and a bar — a true extravagance in such an exquisitely wild area.

Address: Muchinga Province
Cell (Whatsapp): +260 979 484820/ +260 954 789950/ +260 950 507962/ +260 977 345520
GPS Coordinates: 12˚27'14" S 31˚17'29" E

Northern Zambia

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