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Kalambo Falls Lodge

On the eastern shores of the longest freshwater lake in the world, you'll find the sublime Kalambo Falls Lodge, the ideal location for the globe-trotting enthusiast looking for a voyage of magic and wonder.

You would be hard-pressed to find a more exclusive and secluded location on the shores of Lake Tanganyika. Not just a superb lakefront escape, Kalambo Falls Lodge is also the perfect place to access the majestic Kalambo Falls and the Kalambo River basin. The Kalambo River basin is one of the richest archaeological sites in Africa, with prehistoric abodes undisturbed for thousands of years. Stone and wooden tools are abundant. Nuts, seeds and pollens have been perfectly preserved.

A notable discovery was charred logs, which provide the earliest evidence of fire used by sub-Saharan man. Lake Tanganyika's unique inland ecosystem is a strong attraction for cichlid enthusiasts keen on diving and snorkelling. While its emerald waters and sandy beaches are a welcome relief for those searching for a relaxing Afro-tropical style retreat. The combination of the lake and river provide extensive opportunities for birdwatching and fishing. For the more adventurous spirit, Kalambo Falls Lodge offers a challenging two hour hike to the stunning waterfall that lends its name to the resort. The views from the heights of the falls, of the surrounding valley, lake and streams are unparalleled and worth the hike required to get there.

Kalambo Falls Lodge has seven stone chalets, each with its own unique decor and ambience capturing the romance of Lake Tanganyika.

With enchanting lakeside views, every chalet has ensuite bathrooms and sleeps two to three people. The lodge has a honeymoon suite with luxurious and decadent interiors. Boasting both a Victorian bath and outdoor shower enclosed by the surrounding forest, the suite is an idyllic haven for those looking for a wild and romantic escape. The lodge's open space dining area and lounge overlook the majestic vista of the lake with breathtaking panoramic views. Sourcing local seasonal delicacies Kalambo Falls Lodge prides itself on its unique fusion cuisine. Each meal elevates traditional Zambian elements for a rare and unmatched culinary experience. Evenings here are best enjoyed with a cool cocktail overlooking the setting sun as it casts its reflection across the silver surface of Lake Tanganyika.

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