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Lusaka Collective - A collaborative collective, creating connections!

About Lusaka Collective

Founded in 2019, we are a curated story telling experience, showcasing Zambian makers, their design-craft, and sharing their stories. A hidden treasure trove, that has quickly become a must-visit in the bustling Longacre’s Market, Lusaka, the Collective embraces the authenticity of everyday life in the capital, a soul of the city experience.

We source the best of creativity from across Zambia and bring it together for you in one place, a one stop shopping experience.

A selection of proudly Zambian products to take home with you and inspire those long-lasting memories of your travel adventures here.

The Collective was founded by business partners Rosanne and Talitha in 2019, a journey that began through friendship, joint travels, and hours of midnight conversations. Weaving their way together, the Collective was born. They are both social entrepreneurs with a passion to connect this community of makers to their customers.

Our Curated Collection

Every product forms part of our curated collection yet has its own story. It’s the story of the maker, from those hands into yours, and the journey along the way. Most importantly, it’s a tale of opportunity, collaboration, and empowerment.

We are inspired to be working alongside some of the most talented creatives and growing and learning together.

Our collections range from ceramics, textiles, basketry, photography, visual arts and jewellery to name a few, we do believe there is something for everyone.

The Collaborative Connection

Feel the collaborative connection of culture that inspires our selection of products from across Zambia. Travel with us as we take you on an adventure through Zambian lands, rich in community and vibrancy.

What started as a love affair with the arts and craft has blossomed into a women-led small passionate business that works to bring unique and stylish creations from across the country into your hands.

Our relationships with the artisans and our joint passion for sustainable, collaborative, and ethical style is what motivates us.

Welcoming you into the Collective are Angela and Musonda, these women are the face and heart of our space. Handling inventory, customer care and language barriers with our artisans, they teach us daily about the many diverse cultures that mould Zambia. They also make a great cup of coffee, served with a scrumptious slice of carrot cake, that compliments your shopping experience! “Sip and shop”

Artisan Partners

Through partnerships with local artisans and organisations from across Zambia, we are creating change in marginalized communities by promoting ethical practices including fair wages, safe working conditions and preserving heritage. In turn, this safeguards creative traditions and boosts innovation to new artisanal generations.

We love supporting small businesses and independent makers, as we believe collaboration is a powerful tool on the journey towards a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle.

For example, Dorothy and her women’s group of ladies from Malambo, Southern Province who produce hand embroider applique children’s books. Intricately stitched, showcasing our wildlife, these books light up story time for little ones, as well as providing Dorothy and team with an extra sales platform. Since joining our collective family, she has expanded her team, crucially sharing her knowledge and expertise with more women.

Where to find us

Over the course of 2022, we are very excited to share with you that we will be opening a new Collective store in Zambia! Sssssshhhhhh! ….. its location is still a secret, but we will be revealing all very soon and we can’t wait to tell… watch this space to learn more. For now, this cultural talent can be found in the Anabezi Gift Shop in the Lower Zambezi National Park and the Longacres Collective hub, or further explored through our online shop.

We can’t wait for you, your family, and friends to visit and experience all that this wonderful country has to offer. We look forward to meeting you soon and having you join our growing journey.

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