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Chikoko Trails Camp

Chikoko Trails exists in the form of two small and exclusive bush camps from Remote Safaris in South Luangwa National Park: Chikoko Tree Camp and Crocodile River Camp.
Located along the west bank of the Luangwa River, a few kilometres upstream from parent camp Tafika, Chikoko and Crocodile are only accessible on foot and offer an immersive bush experience. A Chikoko Trails safari is a unique walking holiday in one of the richest wildlife areas in the world. Your days will be spent exploring the magnificent wilderness on foot. Highly qualified and experienced guides escort all the walks and will enlighten you with valuable in-depth knowledge of the bush.

The walks follow well-worn elephant and hippo trails, not to mention the original footsteps of David Livingstone, through the Luangwa Valley. Giraffes and elephants tower over you, buffaloes are now on eye level, and the Luangwa’s predators set pulses raising as you track lions prints from the night before.
Chikoko Tree Camp's accommodation consists of 3 twin, rustic, two-storey ensuite reed chalets. Upstairs, under a canvas roof, the bedrooms have either a double or twin beds inside a walk-in mosquito net. Downstairs is a private bathroom with hot water and basic toiletries provided. Level with the surrounding tree canopies, the raised chalets have fantastic views of the surrounding Acacia grove through to the wildlife beneath. The main part of the camp is open plan, with a small lounge and bar area that connect to the relaxed dining area.

Chikoko Tree's chef produces the most impressive cuisine from the simplest of bush kitchens, with the oven being just a hole in the ground.
Similar to Chikoko, Crocodile River Camp also has 3 twin chalets, all thatch and pole. The main difference however is that these chalets are beneath a grove of ebony trees each overlooking a grassy floodplain. The en-suite bathrooms include flushing toilets, a basin, and hot water in the evenings. Around the main camp are a dining area and lounge with plenty of hammocks and comfy chairs piled with vibrant cushions, perfect for an afternoon siesta.

South Luangwa National Park

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